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Sixth Orthodontics : Art meets Science Course

We held our sixth course at Chancellors Hotel in Manchester in March 2016. Eighty delegates attended the meeting and we had a lively and entertaining couple of days. We felt that we succeeded in our aim of presenting clinical information alongside high level research evidence in a relaxed atmosphere that encouraged good interaction.

We had completely re-designed the course and based this around discussion of clinical cases and reviews of scientific papers using interactive technology. This led to a lot of lively discussion on research and clinical matters! This course was certainly not "show and tell".

In addition to the lectures the delegates enjoyed the accommodation at the Chancellors Hotel.


“A great course, a really great overview of excellent clinical work with an overview of the underpinning science
Specialist practitioner.
Fantastic preparation for the M.Orth.
Specialist Registrar
After several years of orthodontic practice this was a great refresher for me, I had got rather stale. I particularly enjoyed the refreshing way of presenting research and not just simply quoting papers”
Consultant, North of England