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Our course:
This is the ninth year of this popular two-day course. It is directed at both post-graduates who are currently on specialty training programmes, orthodontists and experienced general dental practitioners who want an update on treatment of complex problems and interpretation of the research literature.

We have completely rewritten the course. The new course is highly interactive and based around case discussions and in depth interpretation of research papers and techniques. This will reflect the treatments included in Jonathan's cases and Kevin's Blog on this site.

The course will cover; treatment planning, treatment mechanics and finishing, in addition to research methods.

The aims of attending this course are to gain a better understanding of evidence based orthodontic treatment.

Learning outcomes:
On completing the course delegates will be able to:
  • Understand commonly used and complex orthodontic treatment mechanics
  • Evaluate and understand the approaches to the treatment of orthodontic conditions
  • Describe the process of evidence based orthodontics
  • Appraise the scientific and research literature concerned with orthodontic treatment.

The course will be held in Manchester on 7th and 8th February 2019

The course has the relevant quality controls in place as advised by the UK General Dental Council for verifiable CPD. Further information is included on this document:
Orthodontics Art Meets Science: Verifiable CPD

We will donate 5% of the profits to the British Orthodontic Society Foundation.

If you have any questions about our course we can be contacted by email on

New course programme:
The new course will cover:
  • Comprehensive orthodontic treatment
  • Treatment decisions
  • How to interpret systematic reviews and trials
  • Brackets, wires and space closure
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • Finishing
  • Retention
  • Short term orthodontics
  • Free topics suggested by delegates

The course fee per delegate is £440.00. This includes all meals.

To contact us with any questions, please email on

If you want to reserve a place on the course, please follow this link to PayPal. When you enrol you will receive a confirmation from PayPal.

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The course will be held at Chancellor's Hotel, Manchester
Chancellors Way, Manchester M14 6ZT, United Kingdom.

Accomodation details

There is plenty of accommodation available in Chancellors Hotel.
Details are available on their website: Chancellors Hotel
Chancellors is currently being refurbished and additional details on the accommodation may be found on Trip Advisor by following this link
Trip Advisor reviews of Chancellors Hotel.

Other accomodation

There are many hotels in the South Manchester/City area of varying prices and quality. Unfortunately, there are not many near to Chancellors. There is good communication by bus and taxi from the City Centre where there are many hotels.

If you want to stay on the South side of the City, we recommend Didsbury House Hotel or 11 DIdsbury Park. These are high quality hotels in Didsbury which has many restaurants etc for dinner. Didsbury is about 30 minutes from Chancellors by taxi in the morning traffic.
Orthodontics: Art Meets Science Course 2018
Prior reading on research evidence.

The course sessions will be a structured discussion on specific subject areas. This will be based on the blog posts and any associated papers in Kevin's Blog.

If you want to get the most of the course we suggest that you read the blog post and the paper. We will be going through most of the papers in detail and discussing the findings. However, if you are pushed for time just reading the blog will be fine!

We will be posting up images of the cases that Jonathan is going to discuss in early January.

For additional information please to to our course timetable and reading page